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[Jan. 16th, 2014|12:37 am]
An Open Selling Community


nice things for sale!

sales january sm

gothic, glitters, patent leather platforms, accessories & hair pretties

new clothes added & reduced reposted clothes


dress code stripey bra
dress code stripey bra detail
pretty bra that would go well with steampunk outfit
75 B  34 B

white fur trim jacket
jacket with awesome thick & fluffy fur trim
size S/M

beige pantie lace
unused cream lace panty

mng paisley mil jacket front on
mng paisley mil jacket detail 2
mng paisley mil jacket detail
MNG steampunk jacket
size S

diesel steampunk boots side
diesel steampunk boots label
diesel distressed real leather steampunk victorian style boots
worn but still in good nik

victorian lace top black
victorian lace top black back
victorian style stretch lace top
size S

claires butterfly neckless

claires butterfly neckless detail
claires pretty butterfly & marcasit necklace

steampunk style handbag
steampunk style handbag details
cute steampunk handbag with loads of pockets
10 euro , 10 pounds

suede ankle boots 2

suede ankle boots 4
real suede leather booties with flap over
size 38, UK 5

smegg magic ankle boots
smegg magic ankle boots side top
smegg magic ankle boots side
smegg magic ankle boots sole
magic smegg fetish 2 strap patent leather boots from pennagalan.co.uk
hardly worn,
size uk 4, 37, US 7
would like half back of what they cost

libby magic boots side 2
libby magic boots
libby magic sole
libby magic patent leather boots from pennangalan.co.uk
only few times worn
size 4, 37 US 7
would like at least half back of they cost

magic shoe shin guards
leather shin guards from magic shoes
looks great with buffalo's or short new rocks
20 euro / 19 pounds

pink slash top
pink slash top
size L

pink purple leo top on
cotton stretch leopard top
size L
8 euro, 8 pounds

sequins jacket
sequins jacket on
sequins jacket
never worn
size S

sequins mini
sequin mini
size M
worn few times

h&m beige leo cardi 2
leo cardigan
size S
4 euro / 4 pounds

snake print amrwarmers
arm thingies with snake pattern puff print
one size

river island leggings on
river island section legging top
river island leggings with ribbed material side section & strap detail
size S
9 euro / 9 pounds

h&m jeans zip skirt
H&M skirt zips
size S
5 euro / 5 pounds

datacult arm-warmers grey
cyber arm cuffs from fleece

feather bra blk lycra
sexy balconette bra with feathers
size 75B , 34B

golden skull pendant
golden skull pendant

pink black merino wool scarf
fuchsia & black dread wool scarf
5 euro, 5 pounds

red fur earwarmers
red fur ear warmers
3 euro, 3 pounds

leo furry earwarmers
leo earwarmers
never used

red black fleece hoodie on
hoodie jacket with fluffy fur
size M

red ruffle lace top on 2
dark red lace top
size S

black beads
very long (maybe 3 meters) of black beads

bird skull neckless detail
bird skull neckless
9 euro / 9 pounds

tribal hairband
tribal hair band
2,50 euro, 2,50 pounds

skull hairband
hairband black satin with bow & evil skull
9 euro / 9 pounds

frangipani hairflower detail
frangipani hair flower
tropical hair flower tie

blk rose hair clip
black rose hair clip

pink glitter winterflower hairclip
pink glitter winterflower hairclip back
pink glitter winter flower hair clip

fuchsia hair orchid
fuchsia glitter hair clip

golden glitter hair butterfly 2
gold glitter hair butterfly

red butterfly hair clip glitter
butterfly hair clip with glitter

red hair orchid glitter
red glitter flower hair clip

golden orchid
gold glitter hair flower clip

silver and glitter hair clips
simple click clack hair clips

white feather hair clip
white feather & beads hairclip

red pink feather hairclip
red pink feather & bead hair clip

pointy psy skirt front
pointy tribal psy skirt back
white cotton & burnout tribal skull skirts lotsa distress & tatters
which can be worn together or apart
size S/M

black fur booties
black fur booties 2
fur booties
size 38, UK 5
very comfy with warm wooly lining

ruffle bolero front on
handmade bolero with ruffles
size S
10 euro / 10 pounds

distress grey lace legging
distressed & bleached grey lace leggings
5 euro / 5 pounds

black glitter hair star 3 (15)
handmade dread beads

barry m turquoise pigment
barry M pigment turquoise with few turquoise glitters inbetween

mac frost
mac quick frost pigment

glitter lashes
glitter lashes detail
pretty lashes with glitters

nyx lipgloss
nyx sparkley pink lipgloss
only tested lightly

nailpolish & pencils
bloodred lip pencil
turquoise metallic eye pencil
various nail varnishes

lace side red pink paisley dress
red dress
size S

h&m lace top ruffle sleeve on
h&m lace top ruffle sleeve detail
H&M lace top with pretty sleeves
size S

tretinoine cream
tretinoine cream detail
retinol cream for acne scar vanishing